A Talent for life is the first episode of the sixth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired 3rd January 2003.


When two bodies are discovered by the side of a fishing stream, DCI Barnaby and DS Troy have yet more murders to solve. Isobel Hewitt had a zest for life that some can only hope for. She loves to drive her red Jaguar at top speed and generally enjoyed the finer things in life. Although loved by many, there were those in the village of Malham Bridge who weren't quite so charmed by her. Margaret Seagrove was convinced that she was the member of the local fishing club using weighted lures in the local stream. Her nephew and his wife, with whom she resided, saw her as a burden now that she had spent most of her accumulated capital. The second victim is the local doctor, Duncan Goff, a well-known philanderer who had affairs with many of the local ladies. The police must first determine if both were intended victims or if one was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct on the river are bedeviling the game fishermen, and Barnaby has to interview elegant widow Isobel Hewitt, a spendthrift, fast-living, Jaguar-driving 75-year-old, when another lady fly-fisher accuses her of a violent assault. Then Isobel and her fellow villager Dr Duncan Goff are found on the river-bank with their skulls smashed in, and there is no shortage of suspects - including an antique dealer who apparently specializes in befriending elderly widows.



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Midsomer Murders - Most Bizarre Episode E04

Midsomer Murders - Most Bizarre Episode E04


  • Although Troy is still prone to utter the occasional insensitive comment, in this episode Tom seemingly shows real appreciation for Troy's contributions to the investigations. The closing scene shows the two walking off with Tom's arm around his young sergeant.
  • Cully is seen to be driving what looks to be a 1985 Citroen 2CV6 Charleston which Joyce has nicknamed "Bertie".

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