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A Worm in the Bud is the third episode of the fifth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. It was first shown on 23rd June 2002.


Some of the residents of Midsomer Worthy are trying to prevent James Harrington from turning Setwale Woods into a housing estate. Led by a solicitor, Bernadette Sullivan, and a local farmer, Simon Bartlett , who also happen to be having an affair, they haven't had much success in court. When Bartlett's wife Susan is found dead in the woods, DCI Barnaby and DS Troy must first determine is if her murder is related to the planned development or something as yet unknown. The information provided by two inquisitive children, who see the investigation as a fascinating game, proves invaluable in solving the crime.




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Midsomer Murders - Favourite Leading Lady E06

Midsomer Murders - Favourite Leading Lady E06


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