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Beyond the Grave is the fourth episode of the third series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and was originally aired on 5th February 2000.


Barnaby and Troy are called in to investigate at the museum in Aspen Tallow when the painting of a local historical figure, Jonathan Lowrie, is slashed. When the museum's curator is subsequently assaulted and Lowrie's direct descendant is murdered, the detectives must unravel another mysterious knot. Barnaby does focus on one important clue, however: a packet of smoked mackerel inadvertently dropped in the cemetery. Meanwhile, they are joined by Nico, Cully's actor boyfriend, who has landed a part in a TV series as a detective sergeant.




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  • The episode before guest starred Timothy West. He is married to Prunella Scales who guest stars in this episode.

The following actors and actresses who appeared in this episode have also appeared in the following episodes


  • As Troy and Barnaby are leaving Eleanor Bunsall's house, a female background extra carrying wine bottles in a basket trips over a curb and almost falls down going up a flight of steps.
  • When DCI Barnaby and DS Troy arrive at Tate's house they have their siren and rotating light switch on when they get out of the car. But when Ralph steals the car a minute later, the rotating light is no longer on the car.
  • The village name of Aspern Tallow is published in the newspaper in the closing scene as "Aspen Tallow" (see Episode Images above).