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Beyond the Grave is the fourth episode of the third series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and was originally aired on 5th February 2000.


Cully's boyfriend, Nico (Ed Waters), has temporarily moved in with the Barnabys, and is shadowing DS Troy to prepare for his new role in a TV show. He goes with DCI Barnaby to Aspern Tallow Museum, where a 17th-century painting of Royalist and supposed spectre Jonathan Lowrie has been slashed. It looks like a case of nothing much until Barnaby finds a package of smoked mackerel on the grounds, bells toll in the middle of the night, Jonathan's descendant Marcus Lowrie (Charles Simon) is killed and sinister doings are afoot.




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  • The village name of Aspern Tallow is published in the newspaper in the closing scene as "Aspen Tallow" (see Episode Images above).


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