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Blue Herrings is the second episode of the third series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 22nd January 2000.


While taking a week off to move into their new home, DCI Barnaby takes time to visit his aunt, Alice Bly, who is staying at a local convalescent home for a few weeks. She tells him that a resident died there the previous evening and at least one other resident believes it was murder. When the home's administrator tells Barnaby that residents' personal effects are going missing, he gets DS Troy to look into the goings on at the manor. When a second resident is found dead soon after, Barnaby begins to suspect that something is amiss.




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Midsomer Murders - Favourite Story Line E03

Midsomer Murders - Favourite Story Line E03


  • As Tom Barnaby suggests at the end of the episode and John Nettles said in the video above, this was the first episode of the series to have no murder in it. There is a kind of murder, that of Celia Armstrong, but it's a mercy murder, the victim would have died anyway. The second episode in this situation is Habeas Corpus.
  • This episode states that Barnaby's mother had died a 'few years' prior to the main events of the story.

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