Brian Clapper is a character appearng in the episode Written in Blood o the popolar ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. He was a resident of Midsomer Worthy and secretary of the Midsomer Worthy Writers Circle. 

Character Info

Brian Clapper and his wife Sue have lived in Midsomer Worthy for five years.  Brian is a teacher at Causton Comprehensive. At the school he leads a Drama group. He drives a light blue VW Bug.

Brian and Sue's home is called Sandlewood and they are close neighbors of Gerald Hadleigh.  All three are members of the Midsomer Worthy Writers Circle along with fellow village residents Laura Hutton and Honoria and Amy Lyddiard.

A pretentious wanna be playwright Brian is rude, disdainful of others, overweight and balding..  The working title of Brian's play is "Slangwhang for Five Mute Voices".

When the Midsomer Worthy Writers Circle decides to invite a published writer to speak to their group they vote to invite Max Jennings.  The groups chairman, Gerald refuses to issue the invitation so Brian, as the groups secretary writes to invite Jennings who accepts.

The morning after the writers group spent the evening with Max Jennings, Gerald is found murdered in his home.  When questioned Clapper claims to have gone straight to bed when he and his wife Sue had left Hadleigh's home.  However he was seen returning home in his car later that night by Laura Hutton.

Brian has become infatuated with one of his students Edie Carter.  When Edie tells Brian she needs his help and invites him to meet her one night.  It's a set-up by his students that Brian falls for and Edie's brother Tom secretly photographs Edie and Brian having sex in the Carter home.  The following morning an envelope with copies of the photo's is shoved through the Clapper's mailslot.

A frantic Brian runs into the school and is confronted by his drama group who point out that it's his word against hers that it wasn't rape and they want $5000 for the photo's.  Brian starts to cry claiming he hasn't got that kind of money and when the laugh at him he loses control shouting at the students and then storming out. 

Brian returns to Midsomer Worthy to find a large group of villagers gathered around the Parish Council sign.  When he stops to see what everyone is looking at he sees enlarged copies of the photos.  

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