Carla Constanza is a character appearing in the episode Strangler's Wood of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Carla was the face of a cigarette company called 'Carla'. She speaks Portuguese / Spanish and came to Midsomer to confront Bill Mitchell. Carla headed to England after struggling with breathing for a long period of time. After arriving in London, she was told she was dying by Dr Aycott. She headed up to Midsomer to tell Bill Mitchell that she was dying. She booked into a local hotel owned by Leonard Pike and wanted a room on the bottom floor as she couldn't get up the stairs due to her bad breathing. Gloria Bradley recalls Carla arguing with someone in the room however, it was later revealed she was arguing with herself in a fit of rage she smashed an ashtray. Later that night she met up with Bill Mitchell and told him she was dying and she didn't want to continue with the brand. In a fit of rage, Bill Mitchell strangled and killed Carla with a necktie. He then dumped the body in Raven's Wood (Strangler's Wood) to try and put the police off the scent by trying to suggest that a serial killer was back killing people in Strangler's Wood again.

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