Daniel Scott is a Detective Sergeant who joined CID after DS Gavin Troy's transfer. City boy Scott was reluctant at first to be working in Midsomer with Tom Barnaby, but soon warmed up to the job, despite itching to get back to London. He felt his transfer to Midsomer was punishment, so he was eager to prove himself a good detective. He is portrayed by John Hopkins and is not an original character in Caroline Graham's books.


Detective Sergeant Daniel 'Dan' Scott first joined the Midsomer team in 2004, in the episode, Bad Tidings, where he was thrown straight into a murder investigation. One of the first things that his new boss was, when looking down at the dead body of a women, "By the way, welcome to Midsomer." Not much is known about Scott's life before transferring to Midsomer but we do know that he worked for the Metropolitan Police Service in London. In the episode Midsomer Rhapsody, it is revealed that his mum was a fan of the music, 'Midsomer Rhapsody' and that she played it whenever "she wanted us out of the house" emplying that Scott must have had siblings. He is also shown to be cocky and sarcastic, one of the lines being "Where I come from, Open Garden Day is where someone breaks into your shed." In Bad Tidings, he also flirts with Barnaby's daughter, Cully who has also organised a school reunion with some old school friends. When they have a picnic by the lake, Cully's friends try to drown her and Scott comes to the rescue. He refers to Midsomer as the sticks and has a somewhat awkward relationship with DCI Barnaby, although it gets better as the series progresses.

Personality and appearance

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