David Roper is a character appearing in the episode The Creeper of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

One of the 'in' set at University, which included Jack Filby, he was known as a drunk and addict, with the expected behaviors, culminating in a one night stand with Jack's daughter the year prior to the events of the episode.

Since then, he had gotten sober, and ghost written a biography of a well known gangster who also attended their parties at uni - he commented that having a tame gangster about was trendy at the time.

He approached Jack about publishing his new idea, a biography of the group, the generation that changed Britain. Jack called it muckraking and emphatically refused. Angry, Roper fell off the wagon with a resounding crash and took a bottle of Jack's best brandy to get drunk on.

While sleeping it off, he was murdered in his bed.

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