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Dead Man's Eleven is the third episode of the second series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired 12th September 1999.


Barnaby and Troy investigate the murder of Tara Cavendish, who is beaten to death with a cricket bat near a quarry on her husband's estate. She is the young wife of Robert Cavendish, a local landowner who is also captain of the Fletcher's Cross cricket team. He is disliked by many: his son, Stephen, who resents his father and is having an affair with a local barmaid; Charles Jennings, whom Cavendish recently dismissed from the cricket team; and a group of locals who resent that Cavendish has closed a public footpath that ran across his estate. The mystery deepens when it turns out that a Cavendish's housekeeper, Emily Beavis, died in a fall at the quarry site some 18 months previously. With that information, Barnaby is convinced that the two deaths are connected.




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Tom Barnaby: I don't see why we can't just stay in Causton.
Joyce Barnaby: Because with Cully gone...
Tom Barnaby (to Cully): You don't really want to move in with Niko?
Cully Barnaby: We've been together for two years dad.
Tom Barnaby: You don't like London.
Cully Barnaby (with a bit of indignation): I love it!
Joyce Barnaby: We are moving! We all agreed. I thought Portland Place was charming.
Tom Barnaby: Oh it's not just the house.
Joyce Barnaby: Well what is it, then?
Tom Barnaby: It's just that I like living in Causton.
Cully Barnaby (laughing a bit): A townie!
Tom Barnaby: Yes. I mean think about it, Joyce. Every time I go to any Midsomer village, it's always the same thing. Blackmail, sexual deviancy, suicide and murder. How could you possibly expect me to go and live in one of them?