Dead in the Water is the second episode of the eighth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 17th October 2004.


The villagers of Midsomer are soaking up the sun at the Midsomer Regatta. However, the tranquility of the race is shattered when the Veteran's race is interrupted by a body in the water. It is Guy Sweetman, Chairman of Midsomer Rowing Club who has been knocked unconscious and drowned. Guy was a serial philanderer who 'didn't play the field as the entire countryside!' Was he murdered by a jealous husband or was there a more sinister motive? DCI Barnaby and DS Scott take to the water to unravel the mystery.


While attending the Midsomer Regatta with his wife Joyce and daughter Cully , DCI Barnaby finds himself investigating the murder of Guy Sweetman, the rowing club's chairman who is found floating in the river. Sweetman was quite a ladies man and there is no end of suspects on that score. However, Barnaby and DS Scott also learn that the dead man was having frequent meetings with two other members of the club and may have had an arguments with them the evening he disappeared. As the investigation continues, the police learn that the secret meetings all had to do with money, or the lack of it as all involved were having financial difficulties. Not surprisingly, the motive for the murder is both greed and lust.



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Midsomer Murders Series 8 Episode 2 - Dead in the Water Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 8 Episode 2 - Dead in the Water Preview


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