Death and Dreams is the second episode of the sixth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and was originally aired on 10th January 2003.


Barnaby investigates a death which looks very much like suicide. The dead man was a troubled and depressed gambler on a losing streak, but Barnaby's nose tells him to look for a murderer. During the investigation he recognizes someone from his past, in the shape of Dr Jane Moore.


DCI Barnaby and DS Troy investigate an apparent suicide that is just a tad too elaborate for them to accept at face value. The man had been under treatment for depression, his wife had recently divorced him and he owed money to a good many people. Barnaby's doubts are confirmed when the autopsy reveals the man was drugged. There are no end of suspects: the ex-wife, her soon to be new husband who also happens to be a dispensing chemist and the doctor and counselor who treated him at a nearby clinic. When other residents of Midsomer Worthy are killed, the detectives must try to determine the common link among all of the victims



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  • This episode is one of the few in the series when an attempt is made to kill an investigating officer.
  • The band that appears in the episode was comprised of members of the City of Oxford Silver Band.

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