Death in Disguise is the fourth episode of the first series of the popular British crime drama Midsomer Murders and was first broadcast on 6th May 1999.


Bill Carter (Robert Pickavance) is found dead at a local New Age commune (called the Lodge of the Golden Windhorse) with a broken neck, lying at the bottom of a staircase. DCI Barnaby and DS Troy have to decide whether the death was an accident or murder. A few days later Barnaby and Troy are called back to the Lodge, and this time there is no doubt that it is murder. Other Lodge members include Ken and Heather Beavers; May Cuttle, who practises past-life regressions; former solicitor's clerk Arno Gibbs, new member Christopher Wainwright (Stephen Moyer) and girlfriend Suhami Gamelin; Trixie Channing; and adolescent Tim Riley. The Lodge's Master is Ian Craigie. Suhami's parents are Guy (Miles Anderson) and Felicity, who are separated.




This episode was the last episode based on a novel by Caroline Graham, Graham's final two Barnaby novels a Place of Safety and A Ghost in the Machine have never been adapted for television.

The following actors and actresses that first appeared in this episode have appeared in subsequent episodes:

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