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Death in a Chocolate Box is the eighth episode of the tenth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and first aired 11th May 2008.


Lord Holm, an aristocrat who once served a prison sentence for killing his serially unfaithful wife, has turned his home into a rehabilitation centre for other ex-offenders. Gina and Jack Colby, married ex-police officers, assist him, Jack as administrator and Gina as a counsellor. Jack has expressed concerns over the hostel's financial situation shortly before he is murdered. Eddie Marston, a new arrival at the hostel, over whose admittance Tom Barnaby has had misgivings, goes missing, and the local postman, a disgraced former policeman, tells Tom that he has been blackmailing Jack over information given him by Marston when they were cell-mates. Also in the frame is the bad-tempered local innkeeper, whose neglected wife had been using Jack as a confidant. Nothing is ever simple when investigating a Midsomer murder.




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Midsomer Murders Series 10 Episode 8 - Death in a Chocolate Box Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 10 Episode 8 - Death in a Chocolate Box Preview


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