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Death of the Small Coppers is the second episode of the twentieth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and was first aired through Acorn TV streaming service to the U.S. on 3rd May 2018. It was then screened to UK audiences on 17th March 2019.

Marking the celebration of 20 Years of Midsomer, this episode contains 20 'Easter eggs', objects that make fleeting reference to previous episodes.[1]


When Mahesh Sidana - butterfly collector and founding member of an elite IQ society - is found murdered, pinned to a wall in a manner akin to his treasured butterfly specimens, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter are thrust into a crime that impacts not only on their community, but internationally. With the help of an old friend, can they catch the culprit before another victim is found?




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Midsomer Murders Series 20 Episode 2 - Death of the Small Coppers Preview


  • Ann Eleonora Jørgensen returns to Midsomer as VPK Birgitte Poulsen who is conducting an unofficial investigation into Circulous. Her previous appearance occurred in the sixteenth series in The Killings of Copenhagen.

The following actors and actresses who appeared in this episode have also appeared in the following episodes


The episode title appears to be a double pun referring directly to butterflies but amusingly to threats against policemen and to speculation about discontinuation of the penny coin around the time the episode aired. Penny Kingdom's name also appears to be a pun.

Among the episode's 20 "Easter eggs" is a chess board displaying the move called The Sicilian Defence, which is also the title of episode 5 of series 15.[1]

The Trials and Tribulations of Jamie Winter: At the beginning, Jamie was bragging about how he is very good at trivia quizzes. Later, Eddie tries to tell Jamie a riddle, but he refuses to hear it. At the end, Jamie gets captured by the murderer and hung upside down with a crossbow aimed at him. The killer offers to free him if he can answer the same riddle he missed the opportunity to learn.