Dominic Jones is a character appearing in the episode Ghosts of Christmas Past of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

A good and skilled magician, he was friend with fellow magician Ferdy Villiers. He also had a sister, Claire. Knowing that both his sister and his friend were unluncky in matters of love, he tried to put them together by advising her to apply to become Ferdy's assistant. The plan succeed, and the two fell in love immediately, but sadly Ferdy's sister, Jennifer, who was already against her brother's profession, didn't view neither Claire as good for her brother and after finding out that Claire had criminal records, she forced her own aunt, Lydia, to falsely accuse Claire of robbery.

This made Ferdy to fall into depression and, the day of Christmas, to commit suicide with a shotgun. Shortly after, Claire killed herself as well with the exhaust of her car. Dominic suspected that Lidya and Jennifer could be hiding something.

In the following years, Dominic kept leaving fresh flowers on her sister's grave and became friend with Lydia and Jennifer through a bridge club; but when, nine years after Claire and Ferdy's death, Lydia confessed to have written diaries all her life, Dominic suspected that they could contain the truth.

Thanks to his magician skills, he was able to find the diary and to prepare his revenge for the death of his sister and his friend.

When he obtains his revenge, he leaves the diary with Lydia's confession to the Villiers family, and then goes to see his sister's grave one last time before that DCI Tom Barnaby arrest him.

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