Early Life

Fliss Inkpen-Thomas was born into the wealthy Inkpen family. Growing up as a typical spoiled rich girl in a village full of people less fortunate then herself, Fliss greatly desired to leave her old life behind.

Fliss tried several times to become a model or movie-star, but would fail to gain any significant attention. Eventually left with no other options, Fliss was forced to return home and soon became bored out of her mind until it was discovered that her mother had another daughter, with a different father, whom had been given up for adoption years ago and had now come back to reunite with them.

From that point on, Fliss would take great pleasure in picking on her sister, apparently out of jealousy, though she herself stated that it was more out of pity.

Garden of Death

Fliss would make her first appearance stumbling upon her mother in the midst of making out with her latest flame, the gardener Daniel Bolt, and was promptly disgusted by the sight. After tormenting her sister Hillary, Fliss was found dead in the garden by the vicarage dog Crispin. The cause of death was established as a blow to the back of the head with a garden spade.

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