Felix Stephen Bryce is a character appearing in the episode Death's Shadow of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Felix was the product of an affair between the 17-year old Jennifer Bryce and Rev. Stephen Wentworth. Although Felix's middle name was Stephen, no-one in Badger's Drift cottoned on to the fact that the mild-mannered vicar was the boy's father.

Felix was an intelligent boy and was taking his 11+ exams a year early but a tragic fate was due to befall him in 1965. He was a friend of David Whitely and wanted to join David's group of friends- who were Richard Bayly, Simon Fletcher and Ian Eastman, in their secret society.

However during a test suggested by Simon, 'Trial by Gallows', Felix was accidentally hanged. The other boys panicked and never told anyone about it. The locals (and his devastated parents) believed he'd committed suicide.

Jennifer died nine months later of a broken heart and was buried beside her beloved son. Stephen soldiered on but was secretly grieving the two people he'd truly loved.

Felix's death haunted David, Richard, Ian and Simon for the next thirty years. So when Richard believed he was going to die he confessed all to Stephen- not realising the man was Felix's father- triggering his own murder, and that of David and Simon.

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