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Gail Stephens is a Detective Constable working with DCI Tom Barnaby at Causton CID.



DC Stephens first appeared in the fifth episode of series 10 (Death and Dust) and last appeared in the series finale of series 13 (Fit for Murder).


DCI John Barnaby

After Tom retires at the end of Fit for Murder, it is uncertain whether she remained with John and Ben in CID. John says that the vicar at Badger's Drift had been found hanging from a bell rope and instead of being Tom solving the case, they go out instead with Ben and George.

DS Ben Jones

There appeared to be signs of something happening between her and DS Jones but she snubbed him after deciding he didn't want anything to happen due to the fact that she was a colleague. It is likely they continued to remain friends and they were last seen in Fit for Murder. Later, Jones went out with Susie Bellingham.