Dr George Bullard


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First episode

The Killings at Badger's Drift

Last episode

The Oblong Murders


Millie Bullard (sister)


Catherine Bullard (wife)

Dr George Bullard was the pathologist working with the Causton police and the husband of Catherine Bullard. Bullard goes about his work with a professional skill and a cheery demeanour. He is a good friend of Barnaby. He has been a regular throughout the series (save for a brief spell, when his place was taken by Dr. Dan Peterson played by Toby Jones). In later episodes he has often played a greater role in the plot, even making a sterling appearance in the Midsomer Worthy Choir in "Death in Chorus". In one episode he admits to the "accidental" death of his wife while on tour at a slaughter house. He takes up the role of conductor when Laurence Barker (Peter Capaldi) disappears.


Catherine Bullard

Millie Bullard

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DCI John Barnaby

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