Ghosts of Christmas Past is a special episode of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders that was aired on Christmas Day of 2004.


It is Christmas in Midsomer and a shot rings out from the Villers' home, Draycott House. Nine years later the entire family reunites again at the house. Meanwhile DCI Barnaby heads home for Christmas but all things have a habit of happening around the season of goodwill. The Villers family return home from church, Aunt Lydia gets locked in the garage and the engine of the car starts itself. Lydia is rescued in the nick of time, however, Later that evening she has a tumble down the stairs. The two detectives take a break from the Christmas festivities to investigate.  


With his parents-in-law visiting for the holidays, DCI Barnaby is almost relieved to be called out when Lydia Villiers claims she was pushed down the staircase. When she dies, the police have a possible murder case on their hands. The Villiers family has re-united for Christmas including a long lost brother, Ross, but there are many secrets in the house. One subject that is not talked about much is the suicide of one of the siblings, Ferdie, nine years previously. Several of the young adults in the house, children when their uncle took his life, have memories of the incident. When the police learn that Ferdie's fiancée also committed suicide soon after his death, they have a better understanding of who might be seeking revenge.



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Midsomer Murders Series 7 Episode 7 - Ghosts of Christmas Past Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 7 Episode 7 - Ghosts of Christmas Past Preview


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