Hayley Brantner is a character appearing in the episode Schooled in Murder of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Murder Victims

  • Debbie Moffett was killed when a stack of cheese wheels fell on her, pinning her down and she was then bashed in the head by a cheese wheel.
  • Oliver Ordish was garroted by cheese-cutting wire and then his mouth was stuffed with maggots.
  • Gregory Brantner was stabbed through the heart (from behind) with a cheese needle.
  • Helen Caxton was hit over the head with a shovel and left to be trampled by cows.

Suspected of Being Murdered

  • Phil Caxton, Helen Caxton's husband, was suspected to have been murdered by Hayley prior to the events that take place in the episode. The official, listed, cause of death was overdose of sleeping pills.

Accidental Death Associated with a Murder

  • Jim Caxton was trampled by cows while coming to the aid of the unconscious Helen Caxton.
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