Hector Bridges is a character appearing in the episode Blood Will Out of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

A former colonel in the British Army, during the Falklands War, he knowingly sent a single squad to assault an enemy position that numbered more than thirty strong. Half the squad was killed, the other half wounded. All because he did not want to wait for proper reinforcements, but wanted a quick victory and recognition.

In the village of Martyr Warren, he became a magistrate, but was not above trying to handle things outside the law. When Travelers came to the village, he gathered old army subordinates to try and drive them out. He was thwarted in this by Tom Barnaby.

He was an arrogant, self-important man, and a vicious bully, known to have beaten his former wife, Muriel Saxby, as well as his step daughter Fleur Saxby.

He was killed by shotgun blast in his own library.

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