Hilary King is a character appearing in the episode King's Crystal of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

She was the widow of Alan King, and then six months after his death, she married his brother, Charles, which upset her son, Ian, very much. She remained unaware of what had really happened to her first husband until Ian told her that he knew that Charles had killed him. She didn't believe Ian, and told Charles, who asked her after Ian had left. Now that Ian was on to him, Charles knew he had to go. So he killed Ian, making it look like a suicide. When DCI Barnaby informed her later that Ian was murdered, she burst into tears, knowing then that everything Ian had told was true, and that Charles had killed her son. She then put sleeping pills in to Charles' food and afterward took him into the car when he was starting to feel ill, in the pretense of taking him to the hospital. Instead, she took him to the factory, and tried to kill him. She would have succeeded, if Barnaby and DS Jones hadn't shown up and persuaded her not to. She was then arrested along with her husband. 

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