Jack "Axeman" McKinley is a character appearing in the episode The Axeman Cometh of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. He has a daughter, Willow McKinley. He plays in the band, Hired Gun, as a guitarist. His motorcycle blew up.

According to DS Ben Jones, he has about 500 county court judgments against him. Mostly traffic but there's several offensive behavior one for assaulting a parking attendant by biting him.

Dressed as a clown, he installed the wire that killed Mimi and connected it to the microphone and to his wawa peddle to activate it. In the confusion, he made the wire disappear. To deflect suspicion, he blew up his motorcycle. He suffocated Nicky with a pillow and then submerged him in the pool. He concocted an alibi by sleeping with Jeannie Harding. He was planning on killing Gary by staging him to have a drug overdose to ruin his goody two shoes image. He killed them as revenge for destroying Ingrid Peterson's life.

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