Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter is the third regular sergeant to work with DCI John Barnaby . He is introduced at the start of series 19 after DS Charlie Nelson has gone on his undercover course. He is portrayed by actor Nick Hendrix.


On his first case he recognises Dr. Kam Karimore as they both took the same crime management course five years ago. Throughout the series their relationship changes and both have feelings for each other but neither one will admit it even when Kam is set to leave for a job offer in Montreal, Canada.

Also at the start of series 19 we see that Sykes, the Barnaby's dog has died and this has left all the Barnabys quite upset. At the end of the first episode Jamie and Kam go out and find the dog of the second victim of the episode that ran off after his master was murdered. They find the dog, named Paddy, but none of the victims family want him so Jamie and Kam give him to the Barnabys. Betty immediately takes a lliking to Paddy and DCI Barnaby offers Jamie a full time role as his sergeant after he finds out that DS Nelson's udercover course has been extended for a year.

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