Jenny Russell is a character appearing in the episode The Sword of Guillaume of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

She was the owner of a small hotel and was a friend of Tom Barnaby's. She flirted with him, and he let her, so long as she didn't go too far. They maintained a friendly relationship.  Her husband left her before the events of the episode, and was living with a girl in Brighton. She took the Causton tour to Brighton in order to confront him.

When she spotted him in the street, she dressed him down thoroughly with the Barnaby cousins as witnesses. When her husband joined her on the bus back to Causton, she announced to the others he wanted her to take him back, and what did they think of that.  She nodded at their silence and said she felt the same, and then shoved her husband off the bus and returned to Causton alone.

He followed her back to Causton and after he thought she was asleep, entered the hotel to steal any ready cash and her jewelry. It was then that he spotted her severed head on her dressing table and began screaming.

Tom Barnaby apparently felt her death quite sharply.

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