Doctor Kam Karimore (series 18-19) is Dr. Kate Wilding's replacement as resident pathologist.

Dr. Karimore is the third forensic pathologist to work alongside DCI John Barnaby making her first appearance in Episode 1 of Season 18, following the relocation of Kate Wilding to Brighton to work at Brighton University. DS Charlie Nelson first describes Kam as being "very efficient" and saying "I don't think she likes me very much" a point reinforced by the friction shown between them, as they are both very competitive. However, Barnaby, to his credit and wisdom, remains confident that they "just need the right case to break the ice", and by the end of Series 18 they are more warm towards each other, to the point where occasionally they could even be flirting.

She said that she grew up with four Red Setters and a Labrador. At the end of series 19 she has taken a job in Montreal.

Dr. Karimore is played by Manjinder Virk.

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