Doctor Kate Wilding (series 14-17) is Dr George Bullard's replacement as resident forensic pathologist with Causton CID. Her confident, competent, no-nonsense approach has earned the detectives' respect.

Her parents, Giles and Laura, appeared in one episode, The Flying Club. She is unmarried, and in series 15 she became involved in a relationship with Ben Jones. She rents a room to Charlie Nelson after he replaces Jones as Barneby's DS.
They become friends and have a joking relationship that resembles siblings. He often makes fun of her for her lack of housekeeping skills, and she often picks on him for being so serious.

After her departure, the episode Habeas Corpus, shows the Barnabys receiving a letter from Ben with a photograph of Ben and Kate together.

In the series 18 opener, Habeas Corpus, Wilding has left Midsomer to take up a professorship in Brighton. She is briefly seen on-screen in a photo with Ben Jones, who had previously relocated to Brighton.

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