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This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. This guide is to be used for character articles, but can be adapted to almost any in-universe article by leaving out sections that are irrelevant. By adhering to this layout guide we will add more uniformity across all the pages. This will create a more professional look for the Midsomer Murders Wiki. In addition, if you are unsure of how to start an article use this guide to provide a starting point. If you have any questions or comments feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the discussion page.

Clean template

The items below are a suggestion for what should comprise a Character page:

{{Infobox character}}
==Physical description==
==Personality and traits==
==Notes and references==

Infobox character

Every Character Page must have an infobox. in this case, you will use {{Infobox character}}. Fill in as many fields as you can. Fields left blank will not appear in the resulting infobox.

  • image - Upload a good quality, screen capture from the episode. The image should be no wider than 400px.
  • caption1 - (Optional) This text will appear below the image.
  • occupation - Enter the character's occupation if it can be determined.
  • character type - The Main Cast pages are complete, so most of the new pages should be "Minor Role", but another acceptable entry "Recurring Character".
  • series - (Optional) Enter whatever series # the character appears in. Use a numeral instead of text.
  • first episode - Enter the name of the episode the character appears in. Usually, the minor characters appear in only one episode.
  • last episode - If the character appears in 2 or more episodes, enter the name of the last episode the character appears in.
  • status - Possible entries are:
    • "Alive"
    • "Dead - Murdered"
    • "Dead - Accidental Death"
    • "Dead - Suicide"
    • "Dead - Natural Causes"
  • location - Enter the Village name where the character is seen. This is usually the same as the village that appears on the Episode article.
  • family - Immediate family members, limited to Parents, Siblings and Children.  Entered as "Jane Doe - Mother".
  • actor - The name of the actor who plays this character.

Article Sections

Please refer to existing articles for examples.

Immediately following the infobox, enter a brief intro to the character using the following example as a guideline:

'''Jason Slater''' is a character appearing in the episode ''[[Death and Dust]]'' of the [[ITV]] crime drama [[Midsomer Murders]].


  • Enter any biographical information if known.

Physical description

  • Height, weight, hair color, etc.

Personality and traits

  • Comments regarding the characters personality such as demeanor, kindness, etc.


  • Any noteworthy relationahips that are pertinent to the story


  • The character may appear in several episodes. List them here. If character appears in only one episode, do not incluse this sestion.

Notes and references

  • Any additional notes. List all references using {{reflist}}


Add one of the following 3 categories:

  • Main character (Main cast - the Barnabys, detectives, etc.)
  • Supporting character (A Star of the episodes that is not part of the Main Cast.}
  • Minor characters (Any and all additional characters that are noteworthy.)
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