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Left for Dead is the third episode of the eleventh series  of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and first aired 20th July 2008.


DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the deaths of Ron and Libby Wilson who are found dead in their cottage. They were found by Lynne Fox a friend who claims to be a psychic and who offers to help the police. The cottage has been ransacked and they may be victims of a break-in gone bad. Soon after, Jack Purdy is killed and then dragged and put in his parked car. He had been out celebrating the previous evening for his brother Mark's stag night. He was also the man in charge of building a bypass around the town, which had lead to encounters with protesters including Alyssa Bradley, the owner of a home slated for destruction. There's a connection between the Wilsons and the Purdys: it was Jack and Mark Purdy's father who drove and accidentally killed the Wilson's only son Michael. As for Alyssa Bradley, her son Patrick disappeared 19 years ago and she is convinced that he will return. When a third person is killed, Barnaby begins to unravel the mystery that dates back nearly 20 years.




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Midsomer Murders Series 11 Episode 3 - Left for Dead Preview


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