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Take a look at the body count table with my changes

Test Body Count Table

Series 1 Episodes
Ep ID Title Murdered During Episode Murdered Prior
to Episode
Death by Suicide Accidental or
Natural Death
Total Murders Total Deaths Total Attempted Murders
Pilot.1 The Killings at Badger's Drift Iris Rainbird
Emily Simpson
Dennis Rainbird
Katherine Lacey
Bella Trace Michael Lacey
Phyllis Caddell
Someone's Name 5 7 0
1.1 Written in Blood Gerald Hadleigh
Max Jennings
Honoria Lyddiard Amy Lyddiard 2 3 1
1.2 Death of a Hollow Man Agnes Gray
Esslyn Carmichael
2 2 0
1.3 Faithful unto Death Brenda Buckley
Alan Hollingsworth
2 2 0
1.4 Death in Disguise Ian Craigie
Guy Gamelin
William Carter Tim Riley 2 3 1
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