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Magna Manor

Midsomer Magna is a village located in the county of Midsomer.  It is home to some of the more affluent residents of Midsomer as well as the large Manor house Magna Manor.


  • Annie (from Destroying Angel)
  • Ben (from Destroying Angel)
  • Suzanna Chambers (from Destroying Angel)
  • Gregory Chambers (from Destroying Angel)
  • Kenneth Gooders (from Destroying Angel)
  • Denise Daly (from Destroying Angel)
  • Junior Cook (from Destroying Angel)
  • Colin Salter (from Destroying Angel)
  • Tyson (from Destroying Angel)
  • Florence (from Destroying Angel)
  • Karl Wainwright (from Destroying Angel)
  • Woody Pope (from Destroying Angel)
  • Peter (from Destroying Angel)
  • Evelyn Pope (from Destroying Angel)
  • Hilda (from Destroying Angel)
  • Abigail McKern as Julia Gooders (from Destroying Angel)
  • Mr. Bream (from Destroying Angel)
  • Tristan Goodfellow (from Destroying Angel)
  • Mrs. Bream (from Destroying Angel)
  • Clarice Opperman (from Destroying Angel)
  • Mallory Edmonton (from Birds of Prey)
  • George Hamilton (from Birds of Prey)
  • Naomi Sinclair (from Birds of Prey)
  • Julian Shepherd (from Birds of Prey)
  • Eleanor Macpherson (from Birds of Prey)
  • Jane Macpherson (from Birds of Prey)
  • Eddie Darwin (from Birds of Prey)
  • Eileen Hamilton (from Birds of Prey)
  • Sean Moorcroft (from Birds of Prey)
  • Charles Edmonton (from Birds of Prey)
  • Hilary Carlton (from Birds of Prey)
  • Vernon Surtees (from Birds of Prey)
  • Maisie Cullen (from Birds of Prey)
  • Dr Robertshaw (from Birds of Prey)
  • Steve Hope (from Hidden Depths)
  • Sarah (from Hidden Depths)
  • Felicity Turner (from Hidden Depths)
  • Nick Turner (from Hidden Depths)
  • Antonia Wilmot (from Hidden Depths)
  • Otto Benham (from Hidden Depths)
  • Sa Bernie (from Hidden Depths)
  • Mike Spicer (from Hidden Depths)
  • Jack Wilmot (from Hidden Depths)
  • Jane (from Hidden Depths)
  • Viv Marshall (from Hidden Depths)
  • Zara (from Hidden Depths)
  • George (from Hidden Depths)
  • Jeff Martin (from Hidden Depths)
  • Mr. Perkins (from Hidden Depths)
  • Estate Agent (from Hidden Depths)
  • Peter Blagdon (from Hidden Depths)
  • Jack Tewson (from King's Crystal)
  • Charles King (from King's Crystal)
  • Peter Baxter (from King's Crystal)
  • James Taylor (from King's Crystal)
  • Ian King (from King's Crystal)
  • Hilary King (from King's Crystal)
  • Sophie Baxter (from King's Crystal)
  • David Monroe (from King's Crystal)
  • Harold Bumstead (from King's Crystal)
  • Hamlet (from King's Crystal)
  • Alan King (from King's Crystal)
  • Claudius (from King's Crystal)
  • Gwen Morrison (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Neville Hayward (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Jed Norris (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Danny Twyman (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Leonie Charteris (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Nick Cheyney (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Terence Charteris (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Diane Charteris (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Jack Braxton (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Freddie Greenaway (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Raymond Clandillon (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Lady Blakeney (from They Seek Him Here)
  • Josh (from They Seek Him Here)


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