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<span {{[[Template:title="Source: {{{10}}}"|title="Source: {{{10}}}"]]|<>}}>Tom: "Stop Troy, stop. We go down the hill, Troy"
Troy: "I thought we were going to Upper Warden."
Tom: "Yeah, we are. Upper Warden is down the hill; Lower Warden is up the hill."
Troy: "That doesn't make any sense."
Tom: "Troy, this is Midsomer!"
Troy: "Sorry, I forgot"
— An exchange between Barnaby and Troy. - A Tale of Two Hamlets

Midsomer Murders is a British television show based on the crime-novel series by author Caroline GrahamMidsomer Murders follows the efforts of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby to solve the unusually high number of murders that occur in the wealthy, isolated English county of Midsomer, a picturesque and peaceful place on the outside but one filled with amoral and snobbish eccentrics with all kinds of vices. His latest assistant is Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter. DCI John Barnaby took over in series 14, replacing his older cousin, DCI Tom Barnaby, who retired.

  • First episode date]: March 23, 1997
  • Networks: ITV, Sveriges Television, UTV, STV, ITV HD
  • Acorn TV started streaming series 20 episodes on 3rd May 2018 and BritBox began on 4th May 2018. Both Acorn TV and Britbox are available to Amazon Prime members as add-on channels.

Cast and Crew

Main Cast
Character Actor Series # Episodes Notes
DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles 1-13 81
DI Gavin Troy Daniel Casey 1-7 30 Appeared in series 7 in The Green Man. Also guest appearance in Blood Wedding in series 11.
Dr. George Bullard Barry Jackson 1-14 76 George did not appear in the episodes Strangler's Wood, Dead Man's Eleven, Death of a Stranger, Blue Herrings, Judgement Day, The Electric Vendetta, Ring Out Your Dead, Murder on St. Malley's Day and The Fisher King.
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark 1-13 81
Cully Dixon Laura Howard 1-3
43 Cully did not appear in Series 4 and 5.
Dr. Dan Peterson Toby Jones 2-3 4 Took place of Dr Bullard in series 2 and 3 in the episodes Strangler's Wood, Dead Man's Eleven, Death of a Stranger and Judgement Day.
DS Daniel Scott John Hopkins 7-8 14 Appeared from series 7 starting with Bad Tidings.
DI Ben Jones Jason Hughes 9-15 53 He guest appeared in Last Man Out in season 19. He also made a cameo appearance in a photograph in Habeas Corpus.
DC Gail Stephens Kirsty Dillon 10-13 24 Recurring character in series 10, joined regular cast in series 11.
DCI John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon 14-21 48 Guest appearance as DCI John Barnaby in The Sword of Guillaume and Fit For Murder
Neil Dudgeon also appeared as Daniel Bolt in Garden of Death in series 4.
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman 14-21 43 Sarah did not appear in the episodes Death in the Slow Lane and The Flying Club.
Dr. Kate Wilding Tamzin Malleson 14-17 19 Appeared since the last 4 episodes of series 14. She also made a cameo appearance in a photograph in Habeas Corpus.
DS Charlie Nelson Gwilym Lee 16-18 15
Dr. Kam Karimore Manjinder Virk 18-19 10 Kam did not appear in the episodes Red in Tooth & Claw and Death by Persuasion
DS Jamie Winter Nick Hendrix 19-21 16
Dr. Fleur Perkins Annette Badland 20-21 10

There have been 6 different producers for the series through series 20 covering 122 episodes:

Producer Series # Episodes
Brian True-May Series 1 - 14 89
Jo Wright Series 15
Series 16-19 as Executive Producer
Louise Sutton Series 16 5
Phil Hunter Series 17 and 18 10
Ella Kelly Series 19 6
Guy Hescott Series 20 and 21 10

There have been 34 different writers for 122 episodes through series 20.

Writer # of Episodes
Alan Plater 1
Andrew Payne 11
Anthony Horowitz 6
Barry Purchese 2
Barry Simner 1
Caleb Ranson 1
Caroline Graham 1
Chris Murray 5
Christopher Russell 2
David Hoskins 9
David Lawrence 5
Douglas Livingstone 1
Douglas Watkinson 7
Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 5
Helen Jenkins 2
Hugh Whitemore 1
J.C. Wilsher 1
Jeff Dodds 1
Jeff Povey 3
Jeremy Paul 1
Julia Gilbert 2
Lisa Holdsworth 4
Michael Aitkens 9
Michael Crompton 1
Michael Russell 5
Nicholas Martin 3
Nick Hicks-Beach 1
Paul Logue 6
Peter J. Hammond 10
Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 6
Richard Cameron 1
Steve Trafford 4
Terry Hodgkinson 2
Tony Etchells 2

There have been 21 different directors for 122 episodes through series 20.

Director # Episodes
Alex Pillai 7
Andy Hay 1
Audrey Cooke 1
Baz Taylor 2
Charles Palmer 1
David Tucker 3
Jeremy Silberston 9
Luke Watson 1
Matt Carter 5
Moira Armstrong 2
Nick Laughland 9
Paul Harrison 1
Peter Cregeen 1
Peter Smith 22
Renny Rye 23
Richard Holthouse 16
Rob Evans 1
Sarah Hellings 13
Simon Langton 2
Steve Hughes 1
Toby Frow 1