List of the villages mentioned in Midsomer Murders
Village Appearances Notes
Angel's Rise A Dying Art
Aspern Tallow Blue Herrings
Beyond the Grave
The Glitch
Badger's Drift The Killings at Badger's Drift
Death's Shadow
The Killings of Copenhagen
The Axeman Cometh
Midsomer Rhapsody
The Great and the Good
Bellville Red in Tooth & Claw
Binwell Murder of Innocence
Bishopwood The Sicilian Defence
Bleakridge Crime and Punishment
Bledlow Village Blood Wedding
Bow Clayton Talking to the Dead
Broughton Four Funerals and a Wedding
Burwood Mantle Breaking the Chain
Calham Cross Days of Misrule
Carver Valley Drawing Dead
Causton County town
Cooper Hill The Incident at Cooper Hill
Devington Murder on St. Malley's Day
Dunstan Left for Dead
Elverton-cum-Latterley Country Matters
Ferne Basset Death of a Hollow Man
Finchmere The Flying Club
Fletcher's Cross Dead Man's Eleven
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Ford Florey Blood on the Saddle
Goodman's Land Dark Autumn
Small Mercies

Mentioned only
Granville Norton The Sting of Death
Great Auburn The Village That Rose from the Dead
Great Pelfe Not in My Back Yard
Great Worthy Echoes of the Dead
Haddington Vixen's Run
Little Auburn The Village That Rose from the Dead
Little Crosby Death of the Small Coppers
Little Malton Habeas Corpus
Little Upton Sauce for the Goose
Little Worthy Small Mercies
Lower Crosby The Ballad of Midsomer County
Lower Pampling Last Man Out
Lower Warden A Tale of Two Hamlets
Luxton Deeping The Dagger Club
Picture of Innocence
Malham Bridge A Talent for Life
Malham Cross A Talent for Life Mentioned only
March Magna The Silent Land
Marshwood Beyond the Grave
Martyr Warren Blood Will Out
Midsomer Abbas The Night of the Stag
Midsomer Barrow The Fisher King
Midsomer Barton Dead Letters
Midsomer Chettham The Creeper
Midsomer Cicely Saints and Sinners
Midsomer Deverell Garden of Death
The Animal Within
Midsomer Florey Painted in Blood
Midsomer Herne The Night of the Stag
Midsomer Holm Death in a Chocolate Box
Midsomer Langley Death and the Divas
Midsomer Magna Destroying Angel
Hidden Depths
They Seek Him Here
King's Crystal
Birds of Prey
Midsomer Malham

The Oblong Murders
Orchis Fatalis
Tainted Fruit

Midsomer Mallen

The Point of Balance

Midsomer Mallow Bad Tidings
Judgement Day
Midsomer Market Market for Murder
Death and Dust
Midsomer-in-the-Marsh A Rare Bird
Midsomer Mere Second Sight
The Dagger Club
Midsomer Morchard The Noble Art
Midsomer Mow The Sleeper Under the Hill
Midsomer Newton The House in the Woods
Midsomer Morton The Flying Club Mentioned only. Not to be confused with Midsomer Norton, which is a real world village in England.
Midsomer Oaks Murder by Magic
Midsomer Parva The Electric Vendetta
Murder on St. Malley's Day
The Straw Woman
Shot at Dawn
Secrets and Spies
The Sword of Guillaume
Midsomer Pastures Schooled in Murder
Midsomer Priors The Fisher King
Midsomer Shallows The Christmas Haunting
Midsomer Sonning Midsomer Life
Midsomer St. Claire Let Us Prey
Midsomer St. Michael Sins of Commission
Midsomer Stanton Written in the Stars
Midsomer Vertue A Sacred Trust
Midsomer Vinae A Vintage Murder
Midsomer Wellow Ring Out Your Dead
Midsomer Worthy Written in Blood
Strangler's Wood
The Green Man
The Maid in Splendour
A Worm in the Bud
Down Among the Dead Men
Death and Dreams
Midsomer Wyvern Wild Harvest
Milton's Cross The Made-to-Measure Murders
Monks Barton Talking to the Dead
Morton Fendle Dance with the Dead
Faithful unto Death
Morton Shallows The Christmas Haunting
Newton Magna Who Killed Cock Robin?
Pandlefoot Bailey The Dagger Club Mentioned only
Shotover & Forest hill
Solomon Gorge With Baited Breath
Swynton Magna Send in the Clowns
Thassingham The Curse of the Ninth
Upper Marchwood Death of a Stranger
Upper Warden A Tale of Two Hamlets
Whitcombe Grange Death by Persuasion
Whitcombe Mallet Harvest of Souls
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