The Midsomer Worthy Writers Circle was a small group of the individuals who all lived in Midsomer Worthy.  The group meet on a regular basis at the home of Gerald Hadleigh to discuss what they were each working on.  They would occassionally invite a writer to speak to the group.

The group and it's members were featured in the first series episode Written in Blood.


Gerald Hadleigh, played by Robert Swann, was the chairman of the Midsomer Worthys Writers Circle.  Gerald was writing a spy thriller feauring a hero named Phoenix.

The group meetings were held at Gerald's home Plover's Rest as fellow member Honoria Lyddiard refused to host the group despite her home Gresham Hall being much larger.

Gerald was murdered in his home on the night of July 1st following a Writers Circle meeting.  The group had invited the author of the best selling novel Far Away Hills, Max Jennings to be a guest at the meeting.

Brian Clapper , played by David Troughton, was the group secretary.  As secretary Brian wrote to Max Jennings to issue an invitation on behalf of the group.  Brian was writing a play.

Sue Clapper, played by Judith Scott, was the wife of Brian Clapper.  Sue was writing a children's book featuring a baby dragon named Hector.

Hutton Laura Hutton , played by Jane Booker, was the owner of the local antique shop The Spinning Wheel.  Laura was writing a romance novel and was secretly enamored with Gerald Hadleigh.

Honoria Lyddiard, played by Anna Massey.  Honoria was writing a history of England as seen through the eyes of her family whose lineage she had traced back to the 14th century.  She had finished the 19th century.

Amy Lyddiard, played by Joanna David, was the sister-in-law of Honoria Lyddiard.  Amy did not write but loved to read poetry.

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