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Mother Thomas Acquinas is a character appearing in the episode A Sacred Trust of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Mother Thomas Aquinas of the Order of St Mathilde was originally Irish, she entered the order when she was 20, she celebrated her 60th birthday in the previous year.

A shrewd and down-to-earth nun, she is deeply worried about the Order’s financial situation, especially after vandalism damages some of their stained glass.

Mother Thomas Acquinas is found strangled in the chicken coop. "She put up quite a fight, poor thing."

It was discovered  that on the day of her death, she was in contact with an antiques dealer called Peter de Winter. She had been negotiating with him for a while, before calling the deal off. Then she called him again to say it was back on. He drove to the priory, collected the priory's silver, and deposited a cheque in the convent's account for £60,000. He had a receipt signed by Mother Thomas Aquinas. Mother Julian said that Mother Thomas always did favour the gas bill over tradition.