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Mr. Barnaby was the father of Tom Barnaby and a mentioned-only character in the episodes Sauce for the Goose and The Made-to-Measure Murders until Fit For Murder, where he makes a briefly appearance in Tom's mind.

Barnaby Senior married the sister of Alice Bly[1] before the 20th April 1943, on which day they welcomed their only child Thomas Geoffrey Barnaby[2]. Young Tom may have been named after his paternal grandfather[3].

Barnaby Senior had died prior to 1996[4] on his birthday, whilst on a fishing trip. He and his son Tom had an argument that day and Tom regretted this for years afterwards[5].

He died at the same age Tom was during the events of Fit For Murder and this played on Tom's mind and was a deciding factor for Tom to retire. According to Tom, he liked Plummer's Relish[6].

Barnaby Senior had at least one sibling - Ned Barnaby who may have been fairly younger than him, as Ned's son John was at least twenty years younger than Tom.



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