Mrs. Wilson is a character appearing in the episode Dead Man's Eleven of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Mrs Wilson is the husband of Matthew Draper and the mother of Patricia Smith. When her husband was killed in a quarry accident, she wanted revenge on Robert Cavendish as she saw him as being responsible for the death of her husband. Mrs Wilson first step was to gain trust over Robert Cavendish. By doing so, she murdered the former housekeeper Emily Beavis by pushing her off a quarry. After she killed Emily, she slowly destroyed Robert by murdering his wife Tara Cavendish with a cricket bat near the quarry site. Mrs Wilson wanted to frame Stephen Cavendish for the murder of Tara to destroy Robert even more. Mrs Wilson had to put Stephen at the scene of a murder so she asked him to take a cup of tea over to the scoring shed where Charles Jennings was working. He handed the cup of tea to who he thought was Charles but it was actually Patricia, Charles had already been murdered by Patricia. Patricia then left the scoring shed and cried out for help. Mrs Wilson lastly wanted Robert dead so she drugged him and made Patrica attempt to slit his wrists to make it look like suicide. In the struggle Patricia was stabbed with the knife. We last see Mrs Wilson crying over the body of her daughter.

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