Olive Beauvoisin is an estate agent appearing in several episodes of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. She is portrayed by Eileen Davies.


The prim Miss Beauvoisin worked for Ian Eastman in the village of Badger's Drift as his second-in-command at Eastman Estates. She would have to cover up for him often while he ran off to visit Charles Jennings to satisfy his 'needs'. We then find out when she is trying to sell Colin and Christine Cooper's home in Fletcher's Cross to the Barnaby's, that Ian Eastman had moved to Morocco and hat she has now taken over with the new Beauvoisin Estates.

Although she is said to have died some time before the events of 'The Miniature Murders', she believed in family and happiness as well as being a great friend to Maxine Dobson the local toy maker.

We will forever remember her and the many times DS Troy made fun of her name.

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