Patricia Smith is a character appearing in the episode Dead Man's Eleven of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders.

Patricia Smith is the daughter of Mrs. Wilson and Matthew Draper. Her father was killed in an explosion at a quarry. When a charge of dynamite did not go off, Robert Cavendish told Ian Frasier to send someone over to find out what had happened. Ian sent Matthew to investigate, but unfortunately, while Matthew was investigating, the dynamite went off, killing him. 

Patricia and her mother both held Robert Cavendish responsible for the death of Matthew and were determined to get revenge and destroy him. Mrs. Wilson portrayed Matthew as a "brave knight" in her stories to Patricia as a child, and saw Robert Cavendish to be the "dragon".

Patricia had an affair with Stephen Cavendish to destroy the Cavendish reputation in revenge for the death of her father.

Her first killing was Charles Jennings at a cricket match. She stabbed him in the back with a dagger as he had sent out a blackmail letter to Patricia and her mother. After Jennings was killed. Mrs. Wilson purposely placed Stephen Cavendish at the scene of the crime by sending him over to the scoring shed where Charles was working.

After this, Patricia attempted to kill a drugged Robert Cavendish by slitting his wrists to make it look like suicide but while doing so DCI Barnaby and DS Troy arrive, and in a struggle with Robert Cavendish she is accidentally killed with a knife.

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