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Ring Out Your Dead is the fourth episode of the fifth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. It was first shown on 15th September 2002.


Murder is in the air in the village of Midsomer Wellow as DCI Barnaby and DS Troy investigate the death of Greg Tutt, who was shot through the heart. He was a member of the local bell ringers and a bit of the village lothario who had recently been thrown out by his wife who was fed up with his womanizing. He also had an eye for Emma, engaged to Liam, who are both members of the bell-ringing team. In the mix is Reggie Barton who leads a group of villagers opposed to the bell ringers using the church as a hobby, especially after they have an impromptu concert to celebrate a big win at the track with their pooled funds. When a second bell ringer is killed, Barnaby finds himself trying to connect the recent deaths with church lore that had the vicar killed and dumped in the well by bell ringers over 100 years ago.




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Body Count Notes

  • Frances Le Bon also received a note which said "LITTLE TOMMY THIN" and during the final attempted killings Barnaby and Troy found inside the church a note which said "LITTLE TOMMY THIN ... WHO PULLED HIM OUT ... LITTLE TOMMY STOUT ... ". These notes are not only a reference to the death of Jonathan Ebbrell, but also to an English poem entitled Ding Dong Bell.

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Historical Murders

  • The Reverend Jonathan Ebbrell was the vicar of Midsomer Wellow from an unknown date until 1860, when he was murdered.
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