Saints and Sinners is the fifth episode of the eighteenth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired 10th February 2016.


The discovery of a Saint’s bones at an archaeological dig causes a stir in the village of Midsomer Cicely. But when the leader of the dig is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson soon realize that it’s not only skeletons that have been long buried in the hallowed ground.


When Zoe Dyer, leader of an archaeological dig to find the remains of St Cicely Milson, is murdered, her colleague Penny Henderson suggests that she disturbed robbers after supposed treasure but Barnaby finds resistance to the project by locals who claim they already have the saint's relics on display in vicar Peter Corby's church. The one exception is Peter's brother Christopher who regards his brother's claim to be false and encourages the dig, falling out with Zoe's husband Alex, whom he accuses of exploiting the situation. Two victims later Barnaby discovers instances of fraud, extra-marital affairs and false identity before he solves the case, differentiating between saints and sinners.



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