Sarah Barnaby is a leading character in Midsomer Murders, the wife of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby. She makes her first appearance in Dark Secrets, which is the second episode of series fourteen and arrives in Midsomer County to take up the post of headmistress at Causton Comprehensive School.

Sarah does not figure much in her husband's cases; and initially, they do not have any children. They have a loving marriage and celebrated their fifteen year anniversary in Schooled in Murder.

Throughout the sixteenth series Sarah is pregnant and in the last episode of the series she gives birth to their first child, a daughter, Betty.



John Barnaby

Her husband of 15 years at her first appearance. Like Tom and Joyce's, John and Sarah's marriage is a very happy one. They have a dog, Sykes, and in the last episode of series sixteen they have their first child, a daughter.

Dr. George Bullard

Although they apparently met when Bullard's sister took over as dog-sitter for Sykes. No real relationship was formed.

Dr. Kate Wilding

They are friendly in an acquaintance way.

DS Ben Jones

She is casually friendly and invites Ben to come over any time.

DS Charlie Nelson

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