Sauce for the Goose is the seventh episode of the eighth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and was originally aired on 3rd April 2005.


Plummer & Sons make a relish which is popular not just in Midsomer but throughout the world. The company is still family owned, however, there is unrest in the boardroom when a rival company tenders an offer to buy the business. To make matters worse a mysterious visitor on a factory tour is crushed to death by a forklift truck. DCI Barnaby and DS Scott are called in to investigate.


The squabbling members of the Plummer family have something new on their plate when a man is found dead in the family-owned relish family. Plummer's Relish is an old standard and the business is on the decline. The company is now owned by Amelia Plummer and her three children: Ralph, Anselm and Caroline. Ralph is the Managing Director but his wife Helen is more or less in charge. Anselm and Caroline would like to sell out to Fieldway Foods but Amelia and Ralph vote down the proposal. The dead man found in the factory is Dexter Lockwood, the grandson of a Plummer family rival and many years before, a one-time rival for Amelia Plummer's affections. He was also working for Fieldway Foods. Old love letters, a power of attorney and a pair of missing glasses are central to solving the murder.



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Midsomer Murders Series 8 Episode 7 - Sauce for the Goose Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 8 Episode 7 - Sauce for the Goose Preview


  • In this episode there are made the first references about Barnaby's father. When he is asked by Ralph Plummer if he got on with his father, he replied "Yes, on the whole, yes", possibly hinting to the events described in Fit For Murder.

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