Second Sight is the fifth episode of the eighth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired 23rd January 2005.


The Landlord of The Luck in the World public house in Midsomer Mere throws John Ransom out of his bar. There is a scuffle and moments later Ransom is dead. DCI Barnaby and DS Scott investigate and discover that Ransom's brother Max has been experimenting on him, testing for precognition, E.S.P. or second sight. But what was it that killed him? The fight, the tests, or something more sinister?


DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott investigate the death of John Ransom in the village of Midsomer Mere. He had just been ejected from a pub for fighting but the post mortem shows a series of burn marks on his skull indicating he may have been subject to electric shock. The police find that the dead man's brother Max was conducting experiments in precognition and had applied the shocks. As Barnaby delves deeper, he learns of an ongoing dispute between the Ransom and the Kirby families over whether a newborn niece should be baptized. The families have a long history of fighting and both claim to have the power of second sight.



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Midsomer Murders Series 8 Episode 5 - Second Sight Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 8 Episode 5 - Second Sight Preview


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