Secrets and Spies is the third episode of the twelfth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 7th July 2009.


Former secret agent Geoffrey Larkin arrives in Midsomer Parva and stays at Allenby House, a country mansion run by former spies Sir Malcolm Frazer, his son Nicky and Nicky's wife Jenny as a safe house. Geoffrey is soon gashed to death after a cricket match in Midsomer Parva, and the locals blame the 'beast of Midsomer'. However, Barnaby – a former spy himself – soon realises that the killing has links to Allenby House and Cold War Berlin, but is initially thrown off the case by MI6. But when a further murder occurs MI6 Agent Glen Jarvis asks Barnaby back on the case.


DCI Tom Barnaby is asked by a semi-retired former spy, Brenda Packard, to call in at Allenby House, home of another ex-spy Sir Malcolm Frazer , to see if he can offer any advice on security safeguards at the manor house. For financial reasons, Sir Malcolm has recently agreed to allowing the government to use his home, which he shares with his son Nicky and daughter-in-law Jenny , as a safe house. Their first 'guest' is Geoffrey Larkin an ex-spy who later in life became an arms dealer. Not long after Larkin tells Sir Malcolm that he is aware of the contents of an old East German security file code-named Wolfman, Larkin is found dead, on the cricket pitch. Barnaby is frustrated when Brenda Packard puts a stop to his murder investigation before it even starts forcing him to submit his resignation. It doesn't last long however when a second murder victim is found and Barnaby is called back in the case. The solution lies with events in Berlin, long ago.



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Midsomer Murders Series 12 Episode 3 - Secrets and Spies Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 12 Episode 3 - Secrets and Spies Preview


  • Gail Stephens is promoted form Woman Police Constable(WPC) to Woman Detective Constable(WDC).

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