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Secrets and Spies is the third episode of the twelfth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 7th July 2009.


After a break-in at Causton Museum where an animal skull was stolen, ex-spy Brenda Packard tells Barnaby that Allenby House, owned by testy ex-spymaster Malcolm Frazer, is a safe house for agents. Geoffrey Larkin, a visiting former agent, has a bitter argument with Frazer, who accuses him of treachery when they were spying in Berlin during the Cold war. Larkin threatens Frazer with a dossier marked "Wolfman" and next day is murdered, seemingly by a wild animal, the legendary Beast of Midsomer. Frazer's drunkard son Nicky, another ex-spy, is killed in identical fashion, but Barnaby realises that the "Beast" is but a cover. The true murderer is seeking revenge for betrayal back in Berlin two decades earlier when they were involved with Secrets and Spies.




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Midsomer Murders Series 12 Episode 3 - Secrets and Spies Preview


  • Gail Stephens is promoted form Woman Police Constable(WPC) to Woman Detective Constable(WDC).

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