Series Eight of Midsomer Murders premiered 10 October 2004, and concluded on 2 October 2005.

Main Cast
Name Portrayed by Occupation Notes
Tom Barnaby John Nettles DCI Causton CID
Daniel Scott John Hopkins DS Causton CID DS Dan Scott last appeared in Midsomer Rhapsody
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark Wife of DCI Barnaby
Cully Barnaby Laura Howard Daughter of DCI Barnaby Cully did not appear in Hidden Depths or Sauce for the Goose.
George Bullard Barry Jackson Chief pathologist of Midsomer County.
Ep ID Title Director Writer Air Date

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 10 October 2004
In the Fletcher's Cross Village Hall, Rosetta Price is seated with her eyes closed, watched by an eager audience. She is the medium of the Spirit of Friendship group and issues a warning of impending sorrow for someone that evening. Shortly afterwards the body of renowned skinflint and local funeral director Patrick Pennyman is discovered by his wife. Is this just a coincidental case of suicide? To unravel the mystery Barnaby and Scott must delve into the mystical goings on at the spiritualist group.
8.2 Dead in the Water Renny Rye Douglas Watkinson 17 October 2004
The villagers of Midsomer are soaking up the sun at the Midsomer Regatta. However, the tranquillity of the race is shattered when the Veteran's race is interrupted by a body in the water. It is Guy Sweetman, Chairman of Midsomer Rowing Club who has been knocked unconscious and drowned. Guy was a serial philanderer who 'didn't play the field as the entire countryside!' Was he murdered by a jealous husband or was there a more sinister motive? Barnaby and Scott take to the water to unravel the mystery.
Special Ghosts of Christmas Past Renny Rye David Hoskins 25 December 2004
It is Christmas in Midsomer and a shot rings out from the Villers' home, Draycott House. Nine years later the entire family reunites again at the house. Meanwhile DCI Barnaby heads home for Christmas but all things have a habit of happening around the season of goodwill. The Villers family return home from church, Aunt Lydia gets locked in the garage and the engine of the car starts itself. Lydia is rescued in the nick of time, however, Later that evening she has your mum down the stairs. The two detectives take a break from the Christmas festivities to investigate. 
* This episode was filmed during series seven, but it was broadcast as part of series eight.
8.3 Orchis Fatalis Peter Smith Terry Hodgkinson 9 January 2005
The annual Flower and Orchid show at Malham Manor is a gentle village affair, with DCI Barnaby manning the Tombola. Simmering underneath this charming scene bubbles intense tension and rivalry between the orchidaceous horticulturists. When two Orchid Society members are found dead Barnaby realises how vicious the competition is for these beautiful, expense and rare plants. Together with Sergeant Scott he sets about solving the crimes.
8.4 Bantling Boy Sarah Hellings Steve Trafford 16 January 2005
It is the big race of the season in Midsomer. The Causton Gold Cup. The local favourite is Bantling Boy, a horse owned by a syndicate led by Bruce Hartley. After a last minute jockey change Bantling Boy wins and Sam Tate offers to buy him. The syndicate cannot agree on whether or not to sell. Shortly after this heated debate Bruce Hartley is brutally clubbed to death. Barnaby and Scott investigate
8.5 Second Sight Richard Holthouse Tony Etchells 23 January 2005
The Landlord of The Luck in the World public house in Midsomer Mere throws John Ransom out of his bar. There is a scuffle and moments later Ransom is dead. Barnaby and Scott investigate and discover that Ransom's brother Max has been experimenting on him, testing for precognition, E.S.P. or second sight. But what was it that killed him? The fight, the tests, or something more sinister?
8.6 Hidden Depths Sarah Hellings David Hoskins 13 March 2005
Felicity Turner and Antonia Wilmot are having morning coffee discussing their husbands. They hear shouts and moments later a man falls from the roof. They rush outside and find the body of Felicity's husband Nick. Barnaby and Scott are called in to investigate and discover that the Turners are heavily in debt. But was this suicide or does the shouting suggest something more sinister?
8.7 Sauce for the Goose Renny Rye Andrew Payne 3 April 2005
Plummer & Sons make a relish which is popular not just in Midsomer but throughout the world. The company is still family owned, however, there is unrest in the bedroom when a rival company tenders an offer to buy the business. To make matters worse a mysterious visitor on a factory tour is crushed to death by a forklift truck. Barnaby and Scott are called it to investigate.
8.8 Midsomer Rhapsody Richard Holthouse Richard Cameron 2 October 2005
Retired music teacher, Arthur Leggott, wanders from the Cedars Care Home in the middle of the night only to be found murdered the next morning in his soon to be auctioned home. When Barnaby and Scott discover a priceless musical score composed by Arthur's revered pupil, the late Joan Alder, they revive a terrible rivalry amongst her many admirers for posthumous ownership of her work.
* Last episode to feature DS Dan Scott
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