Series Eight of Midsomer Murders premiered 10 October 2004, and concluded on 2October 2005.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Occupation Notes
Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby John Nettles DCI Causton CID
Detective Sergeant Daniel Scott John Hopkins DS Causton CID
Mrs. Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark Wife of DCI Barnaby
Ms. Cully Barnaby Laura Howard Daughter of DCI Barnaby She did not appear in Hidden Depths or Sauce for the Goose.
Dr. George Bullard Barry Jackson Chief pathologist of Midsomer County.


Midsomer Murders Series Eight Episode List
Overall Episode Number Within the Series Series Number Order Number Title Broadcast Date Screenplay or Episode Writer Director Notes
35 8 1 Things that Go Bump in the Night 10 October 2004 Peter J. Hammond Peter Smith
36 8 2 Dead in the Water 17 October 2004 Douglas Watkinson Renny Rye
37 8 3 Ghosts of Christmases Past 25 December 2004 David Hoskins Renny Rye This episode was filmed during series seven, but, it was broadcast aspart of series eight
38 8 4 Orchis Fatalis 9 January 2005 Terry Hodgkinson Peter Smith
39 8 5 Bantling Boy 16 January 2005 Steve Trafford Sarah Hellings
40 8 6 Second Sight 23 January 2005 Tony Etchells Richard Holthouse
41 8 7 Hidden Depths 13 March 2005 David Hoskins Sarah Hellings Laura Howard did not appear in this episode.
42 8 8 Sauce for the Goose 3 April 2005 Andrew Payne Renny Rye Laura Howard did not appear in this episode.
43 8 9 Midsomer Rhapsody 2 October 2005 Richard Cameron Richard Holthouse The final appearance of John Hopkins as DS Dan Scott. This was the final episode of series eight.
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