Series Eleven of Midsomer Murders premiered 1 January 2008, and concluded on 24 December 2008.

Main Cast
Name Portrayed by Occupation Notes
Tom Barnaby John Nettles DCI Causton CID
Ben Jones Jason Hughes DS Causton CID
Gail Stephens Kirsty Dillon WPC Midsomer Constabulary
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark Wife of DCI Barnaby
Cully Barnaby Laura Howard Daughter of DCI Barnaby Cully only appears in two episodes in the Eleventh Series; Blood Wedding (where she gets married to Simon Dixon) and The Magician's Nephew
George Bullard Barry Jackson Chief pathologist of Midsomer County.
Ep ID Title Director Writer Air Date
11.1 Shot at Dawn Richard Holthouse Michael Aitkens 1 January 2008
The Court Marshall and execution of Tommy Hicks for desertion during World War I ignites a feud between the Hammonds and the Hicks, which lasts for 90 years. Duggie Hammond always felt guilty about his forced involvement in Tommy's unjust death. During a ceremony at the village war memorial Tommy's son, Lionel, unveils a plague for his father. Colonel Henry Hammond, who supported the execution, finds the ceremony farcical and lets his feelings be known. When Henry is later executed Barnaby and Jones investigate.
11.2 Blood Wedding Peter Smith David Lawrence 6 July 2008
Bledlow village is celebrating the high profile marriage of Sir Ned Fitzroy and Beth Porteous. The wedding reception at Bledlow Hall is buzzing and everything seems to be going well until the Maid of honour, Marina is found pinned to her bedroom wall by a dagger. A fragment of goose quill with a touch of grey is found with the body offering a clue. However when Barnaby and Jones investigate they encounter many hostile witnesses. Will Barnaby be able to find the murderer and give Cully away at her own wedding?
11.3 Left for Dead Renny Rye Michael Crompton 20 July 2008
A company belonging to local business man Jack Purdy is building a bypass through the village of Dunstan. Lynne Fox is organising the protesters and collecting names for a petition opposing the bypass when she finds Ron and Libby Wilson dead in their home. Barnaby and Jones are called in to investigate what appears to be a double murder. When Jack is found dead in his car after his brother's stag do. Barnaby has his work cut out to discover the truth behind these killings.
11.4 Midsomer Life Peter Smith David Hoskins 13 July 2008
An elderly gentleman watching through binoculars, realises that he has been seen and turns to run. Unfortunately his escape route out of the woods is blocked by a fallen tree. Two weeks later his badly decomposing body is discovered by Brad, a city worker on an off-roading trip with his friends. Who was Charlie Finleyson watching and who would want to kill him? Barnaby and Jones investigate.
11.5 The Magician's Nephew Richard Holthouse Michael Russell 27 July 2008
Jean Wildacre, magician Aloysius Wilmington's assistant is killed while performing a trick in a children's magic show. As Barnaby and Jones investigate they uncover a world of secret ceremonies and magic circles, namely the Temple of Thoth. When local bookshop owner Hugo Cartwright is also murdered, will Barnaby discover the connection before more victims fall foul of the killer?
11.6 Days of Misrule Renny Rye Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 24 December 2008
Barnaby and Jones are participating in a team building exercise at a local Territorial Army centre when there is a huge explosion at the premises of Parkes Freight. James Parkes, a local womaniser and partner in Parkes Freight, appears to be the target. When Barnaby and Jones investigate they uncover more than a disgruntled ex.
11.7 Talking to the Dead Sarah Hellings David Lawrence 5 May 2010
Sam Nelms, the postman, arrives at a cottage on Lynton Pargeter's estate. There is no sign of the inhabitants Stan and Nesta Goodfellow. Molly and Colin Thomas' neighbouring cottage is the same. When Barnaby and Jones investigate they soon learn the history of haunted Monks Barton.

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