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Series Seventeen of Midsomer Murders began on 28 January 2015 and concluded on 18 February 2015.


Midsomer Murders Series 17 Preview

Main Cast
Name Portrayed by Occupation Notes
John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon Detective Chief Inspector, Causton CID
Charlie Nelson Gwilym Lee Detective Sergeant, Causton CID                                             
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman Wife of DCI Barnaby and Headmistress of Causton Comprehensive.
Kate Wilding Tamzin Malleson Chief Pathologist of Midsomer County.
Ep Nr Ep ID Title Director Writer Air Date
101 17.1 The Dagger Club Alex Pillai Chris Murray 28 January 2015
The unveiling of a newly-discovered novel by deceased Midsomer crime-writer George Summersbee at the Luxton Deeping Crime Festival is jeopardised when the manuscript is stolen and a woman is fatally electrocuted by a booby-trapped roulette wheel. Can new dad DCI Barnaby untangle a web of jealousy and obsession to find the killer?
102 17.2 Murder by Magic Charles Palmer Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 4 February 2015
Pub landlady Hannah Altman is crushed to death when a stunt goes wrong during a magic show by famous illusionist Gideon Latimer. When Kate discovers the safety wires have been sabotaged a murder investigation is launched. DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson uncover conflicts between the village church and Midsomer Oaks’ ancient pagan traditions. But with the murders seemingly all linked to Gideon’s illusions, who is staging the deathly tricks and why?
103 17.3 The Ballad of Midsomer County Renny Rye Paul Logue 11 February 2015
Could a ballad made famous by late, lamented folk singer Johnny Carver be an inspiration for murder? Did someone want to kill Toby Winning for threatening to take the Lower Crosby Folk Festival away from Midsomer – or is the true motive something hidden for 20 years?
104 17.4 A Vintage Murder Nick Laughland Lisa Holdsworth 18 February 2015
When people start collapsing at the launch tasting of Midsomer Vineyard's newest sparkling wine, Kate discovers that the glasses had been laced with slug pellets. Who could want to sabotage a seemingly innocent wine tasting and why?
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